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    Survey Says...

    A look at NSTB's 2020 Summer Cycle Demographics

    Another cycle has come and gone, and boy oh boy have we grown as a server since March! At the moment of this writing, NSTB has 1328 members, with new folks coming in each day. That's a lot of people! And of that number, 103 of them were gracious enough to fill out our little climate assessment survey. Ever wondered what the vocal majority of our server was? Well goody for you, because here we have the results below!

    Personal Demographics

    We've always skewed mid-twenties, but trends suggest an increase in minors.

    Of 102 participants, 11 folks responded as being ESL.

    I'll be honest, this one surprised me. The more you know!

    Remember this when you're looking for conversation during the middle of the North American night.

    Not taking into account days of the week, if you have a question and want it to be seen by the most eyes possible, 6pm UTC is probably the time to do it. 

    Writerly Demographics

    Never feel like you don't write enough or well enough to chill with us. We've got all types here.

    That awkward moment when there's only one strict plotter in the survey.

    If you think the server focuses too heavily on SF/F, this is why. But that's no reason NOT to start a conversation about other genres!

    Stop thinking you don't belong with us, fanfic writers, we see you.

    Long story short...

    NSTB doesn't mind where you came from or what your personal story is. We are a diverse group of writers from everywhere and all that matters is that you're a writer too. Young or old, big or small, trad or self or behind lock and key, NSTB is a place for anyone and everyone who's striving to write a story.