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  • Welcome to our little corner of the internet! You have discovered NSTB, an open and helpful community of creative writers.

    We like to write stories and finish them, no matter if they are novels, short books, serials, scripts, or any other form of writing. We congregate on Discord.

    Many of our members pledge to write at least one novel draft in six months, which we call the six-month story writing challenge. We help each other along the way through our supportive community, critique, events, competition, and even collaboration.

    “This place is kind of like the NaNoWriMo server in November, but on crack.”
    — Merula Concordance

    Don't hesitate to jump in right away via the Join Us button on the top right of the page or simply this link. You can always share our website or the link with friends on Discord and elsewhere.

    To learn more about NSTB, keep reading this page!

    What's in a name?

    Once upon a time, NSTB was called No Sleep 'Til Bookdun, but we decided to rename ourselves simply to NSTB. Now we have many names, including Never Slap the Beta, Nasty Sprints 'Til Backhurt, and Numpties Singing Terrible Ballads.

    What we offer

    There are many reasons why our many members love to be a part of NSTB. Here are our most important offerings:

    • The Community: Above all, we are a community. We love to bond over writing and many other topics that interest us. People from all walks of life and all sorts of places come together on NSTB. Connect with us and you'll find you'll connect more with your writing, too!
    • The Challenge: Many of us pledge to write a novel draft within six months. The challenge doesn't limit you to one project, however. The more stories you draft or edit within that six month period, the more points you will earn for your team. The challenge motivates us to push harder, write more and to finish our stories, since most points are only granted once a project has been finished. If you have trouble finishing your stories, NSTB is just the thing for you.
    • The Teams: The challenge is attempted in teams. To join the challenge, you must join one of the teams. You will gain access to a team-specific chat, a sort of community within a community. This competitive aspect of NSTB motivates us to write even more and consistently. We love to engage in friendly banter and healthy competitions all in the service of writing more. That is ultimately to each individual's benefit. You can benefit, too!
    • The Events: To keep the community on its toes, we offer many sorts of fun events. In short, we have a daily topic, daily writing goals, writing sprints running very often, team events, weekly prompts, and a monthly prompt competition with judging! For example, for the team events, we recently did a marathon week during which everyone could choose one day to write without break. We collectively wrote about 240,000 words.
    • The Critique: We provide you with a structured way to get your chapters or stories critiqued. We'll also help you set up or join a discussion group so that you can form those long-term bonds!

    Ultimately we want to grow as writers and grow together. We have a constant drive to improve. NSTB has helped us stay accountable to our goals and go through this writing journey as a community. Because let's be honest: writing is a bloody hard path to take and one should never go it alone.

    How to join

    It's very easy to join NSTB on Discord. Just click on this big, fat button:

    You will be redirected to Discord, where you might have to create a new account if you don't have one yet. You will also need to verify your email before you can join us. This is simply our first line of defense against spam bots.

    Once you have joined, you will be greeted in the #welcome channel. At first, you will not be able to send messages in any other channel. To get access to the full server, please write !role Member into the welcome channel. This is our second line of defense against spam and has worked very well so far.

    We are there to support you

    If you have issues with this process, rest assured that someone will be online at any time to help you. So don't hesitate to ask any questions in the welcome channel and beyond.