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  • NSTB is developed, maintained and moderated by a volunteer crew of writers from all over the globe. We love to give writers a space to share and grow together. With our mission to help beginners and bring writers closer together, the server is just the start of what we want to accomplish. Read on to make our acquaintance!

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    Rose Montero Aystia#0485

    A handful of years ago, a friend convinced Rose to participate in NaNoWriMo. She won that year, and every year since. These days, writing is an integral part of her life, along with an old-man cat, too many tarot decks, and complaining about how miserable winter is in the middle of nowhere. Don't worry, she'll complain about how humid summer is, too! But mostly, she likes to tell stories, and encourage (re: whip) others into doing the same.

    SP Harris SP#7578

    It all started when… SP noticed that the friends in her head were both more interesting and more reliable than the ones around her... Just kidding! SP has been a space cadet since day one, dreaming up characters and stories and putting them to paper, first as drawings and then as words. She is a fantasy horror enthusiast, and when she's not being rained on, she lives for the summer in the Pacific Northwest.

    Marco Pennekamp Marco#9733

    Marco likes to fall into rabbit holes. Programming, the first one, took him a decade to get out of; though, some say, he's still trapped to this day. The next one graced him with a love of the paranormal, then writing, and, ultimately, perhaps his weirdest rabbit hole yet: NSTB. He writes novels and short stories at the crossroads of fantasy and the paranormal, combining his love for imaginative worlds, weird fiction, vivid dreams, and captivating accounts of hauntings and cryptids.

    Brian Joshua Brian!#1410

    From stick figures in Grandma's kitchen to specters in people's nightmares, Brian has come a long way in his creative expression, though one fundamental truth remains the same: he aims to entertain. Haunting the upper edge of Los Angeles, the SoCal native has always had his head in the clouds, when it wasn't in a book at least. Stories came naturally, so naturally he's turning them into a career. When he's not terrifying people, Brian enjoys good conversation, musical experimentation, and long treks through the mountains.

    Zay Preacher pinnacle_preacher#6278

    Preach has been poring over written words for years, going through a slew of classics and mystery novels, and no small amount of encyclopedias. But it was only after he was lost in the immersion of the many realms of fantasy that he realized he had his own tales to tell. Now, he pores over his own words when time allows, while still dutifully keeping up with those of others', hoping that one day, others will pore over his and be as inspired as he was when he discovered fantasy.

    Ahrin S Yoon arillusine#7895

    Twenty years ago, a girl finished a quartet of fantasy books and discovered there weren't any more to read in her school's tiny library. Much aggrieved, she swore to write some of her own. Three years later, the sudden and unexpected death of her computer led to the loss of that in-progress manuscript. Since then, Ahrin has learned to back up her work so that her manuscripts are protected from unexpected power surges and incursions from her beloved cats. She lives in California with her loving spouse, aforementioned feline companions, and spends her spare time writing fantasy and romance to avoid reality.

    Hesketh J Tolson Hesketh Jemima#0663

    Hesketh lives in Cape Town, South Africa and is occasionally British. She spends a lot of time wondering what her cats are doing over the garden wall. In the remaining hours she writes fantasy and talks about the weather to anyone who will listen.

    Rebecca J. Fainges Dreamyard#6902

    Dream has had a vivid imagination for as long as she can remember, and a life on the move through the rolling Valleys of Australia gave her a love for escapism and adventure. Now studying writing, film and media, she has published many short stories and works as an illustrator casually, but dreams of seeing a novel with her name on it someday.